1572 El Origen is a hotel located in Villa de Leyva, Colombia, one of the most touristic and traditional towns in the country, where 90% of the hotels direct their experience to transport people to the colonial era, emphasizing in transmitting historical and traditional sensations.

After the pandemic, the hotel felt the need to completely change its brand expression seeking to cast aside conventional narratives about rest and tranquility in order to build a brand experience that could generate deeper connections with people.

The moment for creativity. The pandemic reinforced the idea that our reality can change at any moment and that creativity is one of the most important tools for solving new problems and implementing adaptability strategies.
Not only this, but it was shown that everything that creatively stimulates our senses connects us with ourselves and becomes a liberating therapy. Creativity, the stimulation of the senses and the reconnection with our inner child is 
a fresh and unusual path within branding and hotel experiences that can not only be a differential but a vital tool to break the monotony not only of the daily routine but from the travel experiences.

A time out to go in. It's a concept that invites us to disconnect from the tick tock of the clock to start a journey into our inner world with the intention of reawakening curiosity in people seeking to get them out of autopilot.

Graphic solution: A window to the interior. The graphic solution goes around the representation of a journey into the interior where everything is full of magic and fantasy. A contrast between simplicity, order and the magical disorder of our childish side.

Brand Strategy: InmigranteStudio
Brand Identity: Inmigrante Studio
Art Direction: Inmigrante Studio
Illustration: Inmigrante Studio

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